Who's on first?

If you haven't already seen it check out this hilarious Hebrew parody of the famous Who's On First? by comedian Elon Gold.

Also take a look at this great resource from HebrewPod101. I love how they combine graphic design with language learning to create fantastic visual resources.

I would like to point out a couple of things though:

 1) Another word for 'when' is מָתַי

2) כמה refers to a numerical or quantitative amount, as in how many or how much? 'How many bottles are there' or 'how much does this cost?' If one wanted to say how in the methodological sense as in 'how do you say this', one would use the word אֵיך
כמה is only used when it is relating to numbers and quantities.

It is confusing though because to say 'how are you?' in Hebrew, one would say ?מה שלומך even though we generally translate the word מה as 'what'. (You can see why Elon's daughter was confused now!)

3) אֵיזֶה means which. One would use the word אֵיזֶה when there is a selection, i.e. 'which one do you want - this one or this one'. If there isn't a selection or choice involved and one is asking a more general question such as 'what do you want?' then one would use the word מה.
?מה את\ה רוצה

4) That being said, if one wanted to say 'how great' or 'how nice', they would say איזה יופי. (Yes I know that this seems to contradict point number 3).

I am still enjoying my holidays at the moment - longer and more frequent posts will resume soon! Hope you are all having a nice summer :)