Who am I?

Hello readers!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I'm on holiday so things are a bit slower now.

This post is about a fun game to play to help you learn Hebrew - the "who am I?" game. If you aren't familiar with this game then what happens is that you write a name on a sticky note and stick it on another player's forehead. They then have to guess who it is by asking questions that can only have a 'yes' or 'no' answer.

The more advanced one's Hebrew skills are, the more advanced questions then can ask. For example, one might ask "am I a cartoon character?" If your skills are more advanced then you can follow that up with "was I around in the 20th century?"

My husband and I played this game and I would really recommend it! It involves communication and requires you to think of things on the spot. Below are some examples of questions that you can use:

 ?האם אני חי

?האם אני מפורסם

?האם אני גבר

?האם אני אישה

?האם אני שַׂחְקָן/שַׂחְקָנִית

?האם אני זַמָר/זַמֶרֶת

?האם אני דְמוּת בדויה

 ?האם אני פוליטיקאי