Expressing opinions

My all time second-favourite advertising campaign (this being my first) is the "HSBC points of view" series.

To go off on a tangent about advertising (I am very interested in the psychology of advertising), the reason why I like this series so much is first and foremost because it is all about the visuals (I am a visual learner), it is the pictures that speak. The pictures draw me in - "what's this all about?" and question - "which picture do I associate with that concept?", "how might someone else see it from another angle?". Combined, the images and message are straight-forward yet open ended.  It shows how alternate perspectives and interpretations can both be valid and how people approach things in different ways. There is no right or wrong. Embracing the notion of individuality, it gives consumers space to consider what motivates them, positioning personal differences and opinions as opportunities, not challenges. Furthermore, devoid of all of the usual jargon that one would expect in advertising from a bank (mortgages and interest rates etc), this campaign is driven by a concept, a concept that is different and unique. As Simon Sinek explains - people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

I think that this advertising campaign is a good resource to use for expressing opinions. Compared to many of my other blog posts, this is definitely a more complex and high-level exercise, but if you are looking for something challenging and a little bit different then this could be for you. I'll admit, this exercise was challenging for me. I have given one example at the bottom - see if you can give your opinion for the other adverts!

Key vocab:

לְדַעַתִי - In my opinion
מִצַד אֶחָד - On the one hand
מִצַד שֵׁנִי - On the other hand
דֵעָה שׁוֹנֶה - Different opinion

".דעה אחת היא שהמחשב מְיַצֵּג "עבודה" והתינוק מיצג "משחק

:המחשב הוא "עבודה" כי

 .אתה יכול לעשות את העבודה על זה עבור העבודה שלך כגון ביצוע גיליון אלקטרוני

:התינוק הוא "משחק" כי

.אתה יכול לשחק עם צעצועים עם תינוק ולגרום להם לצחוק. תינוקות יכולים להיות הרבה כיף

".הדעה האחרת היא שהמחשב מיצג "משחק" והתינוק מיצג "עבודה

:התינוק הוא "עבודה" כי

זה יכול להיות עבודה קשה להשגיח על תינוק. תינוקות בוכים הרבה וצריכים להחליף את החיתולים שלהם

:המחשב הוא "משחק" כי

אתה יכול לשחק משחקים במחשב וגם להשתמש במחשב כדי להירגע ולִברוֹחַ