Back to basics - printable resources for subject pronouns

Hello blog readers!

This blog post will be looking at subject pronouns and is designed for those who are starting to learn Hebrew right from the very beginning.

The subject of a sentence is a person or thing that performs the action of the verb, e.g.

I fell asleep
He ate cake
They went swimming

The two triangles below include all of the subject pronouns. The first triangle is יחיד - singular:

אני - I
אתה - you (masculine - i.e. one man)
את - you (feminine - i.e. one woman)
הוא - he
היא - she

The second triangle is רבים - plural:

אנחנו - we
אתם - you (masculine - i.e. a group of men)
אתן - you (feminine - i.e. a group of women)
הם - they (masculine - i.e. a group of men)
הן - they (feminine - i.e. a group of women)

I used to find it very helpful to draw two triangles like these and stick them at the back of my Hebrew note pad to use as a visual aid. I hope that you find them helpful too!