Real life scenarios - booking an appointment at the doctors

I work as a receptionist at a clinic here in Israel. The clinic predominantly caters to English speakers but it does also offer services in Hebrew and there are many Hebrew speaking clients.

Here I have compiled a list of useful sentences to use when booking or an appointment as well as things that you might hear the receptionist saying.

I'm sure there are many things which I haven't included in this post - please share in the comments below!

אני רוצה לקבוע פגישה

I want to book an appointment

אני  צריך/ה לקבל מרשם

I need to get a prescription

?האם זו תהיה הפעם הראשונה שלך כאן או האם הָיִיתָ/הָיִית כאן לִפנֵי כֵן

Will this be your first time here or have you been here before?

אני צריך/ה לבטל את הפגישה שלי

I need to cancel my appointment

?האם יש פגישה מוּקדָם יותר

Is there an earlier appointment available?

?האם יש פגישה מְאוּחָר יותר

Is there a later appointment available?

(Two examples of comparative adjectives)

?האם יש פגישות זמינות ביום רביעי

Are there any available appointments on Wednesday?

זָמִין - available (plural in this context because the noun 'appointments' is plural)

אני אבדוק את לוח השנה

I will just check the calendar

יש פגישה זָמִין בשעה חמש

There is an appointment available at five o'clock

קָבַעְתִּי את הפגישה שלך בשעה חמש ביום רביעי

I have scheduled your appointment for five o'clock on Wednesday

שלום, זו תִזכּוֹרֶת כי יש לך פגישה מְתַזְמֶנֶת מחר בשעה חמש

Hello, this is a reminder that you have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow at five o'clock

?כמה זה יעלה

How much will it cost?

זה יעלה חמש מאות שקלים

It will cost five hundred shekel


המחיר הוא חמש מאות שקלים

The price is five hundred shekel